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Your chance to work in a company that’s literally saving the world and changing the way nature is valued 🌲

“Will Nature benefit from what we are doing?” – this is what every decision at Single.Earth depends on. 

For the first time in history, nature will be valued not as raw materials but for just being there, keeping ecosystems alive. 

What differs us from other companies claiming to save the world? The science and expertise. 

In the first 2 years, we’ve learned a lot. We’re transparent: we’ve failed in parts as what we’re doing has never been done, but we learned from it, and most importantly went full speed ahead with the new knowledge. 

The drive to change the world burns in all of us. We’re thrilled to continue this journey and take our team, landowners, companies, token buyers, and all our supporters with us. 


What makes Single.Earth great?

  • Chance to literally save the world and grow with the company

    We are bold in what we do (you know, disrupting the whole economic model by bringing nature into it), value transparency very highly, and are now growing fast to tackle the two biggest existential risks we are facing as humankind - climate change and biodiversity loss. We are in our second year of operating so you will be joining the company quite early on. This means we accept everyone’s ideas and input on how to work effectively and meaningfully.

    “Will nature benefit from it?” – is what we ask before making any decisions in the company.

  • Heck of a team of talents

    We are a diverse team of like-minded people working towards something big: saving and protecting the natural world.

    We are not just a group of people in a company, we’re a work family who actually likes working together: our CTO’s stories on weekly meetings are legendary, stupid ideas turn into amazing plans, and sometimes people fail. We’re humans, after all.

    One of Single.Earth’s main values is “assume and have good intentions” which means we respect each other and make sure that everyone can focus on what they do best.

    Don’t get us wrong, saving the world isn’t easy. But it’s easier with the right people. In our humble opinion: if you want to make a real impact and halt climate change, Single.Earth is the place to be.

  • Remote work or Tallinn office

    People over location. We hire remotely and work in the European time zones. Whether you want to work in our cozy Tallinn office, under a palm tree, or any place you feel your productivity thrives, we allow and encourage that - as long as you are accountable for your work and respectful towards others.

    Work is such a big part of life you should feel good there. Doesn’t matter if you’re working remotely or in our Tallinn office, we want you to feel involved.

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